Minecraft Wild Survival World

Minecraft Wild Survival World

On this survival map you will see some houses near the mangrove biome. Apart from the house there is a tower and a tree house. Moreover, this survival map has End Portal and Nether Portal. There will be no dragons in the End Portal. There are many farms here.

House and Tower

Here you will see two houses. First house is a very classy house and second house is an ordinary house. The first house has a swimming pool, underground base and many chest boxes. Next to this house is the tree house. Farming below and houses above. Below it is cultivated and above there are houses. Besides, there is a big windmill tower next to this house.

Minecraft Wild Survival World Minecraft Wild Survival World


There is a big village here. This village is slightly above ground level. There are three big houses in this village. Cultivated next to the house. There are many chest blocks inside the house.

Minecraft Wild Survival World

Nether Portal

There are two portals on this map. The first nether portal is located inside the house. The house is fenced around. The second portal looks like a sword.

Minecraft Wild Survival World Minecraft Wild Survival World

End Portal

The stronghold is located under the tree house. You will see an end portal in this stronghold.

Minecraft Wild Survival World

Versions: Minecraft [1.20]

Download Details:

You will see a button below to download, click on that button. The link will then take you to MediaFire.

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10 months ago

Muchas gracias es el mejor mundo y las mejores casas con decoraciones incluidas me encanta 😙

4 months ago

This is one of the best survival maps ever!/// ¡Este es uno de los mejores mapas de supervivencia de todos los tiempos!