Sky Tree Lucky Block Map

Minecraft Lucky Tree Block

This map is Lucky Block Tree Map. You will see a tree, which is made of lucky blocks. Moreover, there are some quadrangular Islands. Here are the square Island  of the moon and the flying ship. Also there are some houses here. If you break the lucky blocks, you will get different types of blocks and animals or mobs. If luck is good you can get diamond. There are diamond blocks under the tree.

Lucky Tree

This is a the lucky tree block. Here you will see a chest box. There are two trees in total in this map. There is a house next to this tree. You will spawn in this tree.

Sky Tree Lucky Block Map

Square Island

On the first square Island you will see a palace. There is an underground house under this palace. Then there are the desert and plains biomes. The Red Desert biome contains lush caves.

Sky Tree Lucky Block Map

You will see some houses and different types of biome in this square Island. Moreover, there is desert and snowy village here.

Sky Tree Lucky Block Map

Here you will see a square moon. There are cars and flags on the moon. This moon is made of gray blocks. Small holes are almost everywhere in the middle.

Sky Tree Lucky Block Map

Flying Ship

Here is a flying ship. There are different types of chest boxes in this ship. The lucky block map for ships looks better.

Sky Tree Lucky Block Map

Versions: Minecraft [1.20]

Download Details:

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Great game 👏🏻☺️


I like to get sky tree