Minecraft Venus Planet Map

Minecraft Venus Planet Map

This map is the map of Venus. In this map you will see planet Venus. There are many things like rockets, satellites, location towers on this planet. The color of sky and water of this planet is yellow. Also, there is the Nether Biome. The Venus looks very beautiful. Yellow texture is used in this map. This map is Custom map. In this map you have to build different things.

Venus House

There is a house on this map. Here you can farm. There are necessary and important things in this house. There is a chest box here Also, inside this house you will find rockets. This house has a car and a tree.

Minecraft Venus Planet Map


Here you will see two spacecraft. One is above the ground and the other is standing upright. These spacecraft are very large. It has living space inside. Which looks like a beautiful modern room. Moreover, you will see many chest boxes here.

Minecraft Venus Planet Map Minecraft Venus Planet Map


There is a satellite, which is very high, and it’s very big. It has many rooms to stay inside. The entire world can be seen from satellites.

Minecraft Venus Planet Map

Location Tower

There are two location towers. Next to this tower is a small house. Glass has been used around it. Location towers are used to exchange information. There is a large tower and a small tower or satellite dish. However, towers or satellites should not be built on Venus, as these cannot be built. This is a game so satellites and location towers have been installed here.

Minecraft Venus Planet Map Minecraft Venus Planet Map


Here is a flying rocket. You can go very high with this rocket. Here is a space suit.

Minecraft Venus Planet Map

Venus Planet

The sky of Venus is yellow. The Sun is almost invisible on Venus. Moreover, you will see water on this planet. The color of this water is yellow.

Minecraft Venus Planet Map

There are many craters on this planet. Some holes are small, and some holes are very large. The soil of Venus is cracked. So be careful. Otherwise, you can fall into this hole. As a result, survival mode will be very difficult. You will see many big and small mountains on this planet. Moreover, there are rivers on this planet. Which look like yellow water. Actually it is not water but yellow glass.

Minecraft Venus Planet MapMinecraft Venus Planet Map

Versions: Minecraft [1.20]

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