Minecraft One Block Survival Map

Minecraft One Block Map

This is One Block map of Minecraft game. This map will contain an island. The island consists of One block, Lush cave, house and a tree. This one block has total ten levels.

Sky Island

Here you will see an island, which is located in the sky. This island has one block, bamboo tree, a tree and below it there are lush caves. Moreover, there is a house inside this island. Here you will find diamonds, gold and amethyst. Also, there is a tree with a beehive.

Minecraft One Block Survival Map Minecraft One Block Survival Map

One Block

On this island you will see a diamond block. You will see another block only if you break this block. Here you will see different blocks. Since there are 10 levels, you will see different blocks in different levels.

Minecraft One Block Survival Map


There is a small house under this island. Although the house is small, there are many things in it. Here you will find diamond armor, bed, bookshelf, chest box and other things. There are many food items in this chest.

Minecraft One Block Survival Map

Versions: Minecraft [1.20]

Download Details:

You will see a button below to download, click on that button. This will take you to MediaFire.

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