Minecraft NASA Solar System Map

Minecraft Solar System Map

This is a creative map of Minecraft game. This map is about the solar system. You will see many planets and space craft aircraft on this map. Moreover, you will see NASA office, location tower, lab. All this together is the solar system map.

Solar System

Here you will see eight planets and a sun that is very large. These planets are made of different blocks. The planets are the Sun, Venus, Earth, Mars Saturn, Neptune and other. Although the planets are very small. As a result you cannot live here. You will see these planets.

Minecraft NASA Solar System Map

Full Map

This map contains many things that you can see in the picture. The full view of this map is exactly what you see in the picture. The map is very small. But there are many things on the map.

Minecraft NASA Solar System Map

NASA Office

There is a NASA office on this map. The office is huge. There is a helicopter inside this office. Apart from this the US flag has been designed in this office. There is a signal tower above this office. Moreover, this office created the logo using the NASA name. This office is very beautiful and has many labs.

Minecraft NASA Solar System Map Minecraft NASA Solar System Map

Location Tower

The location tower is next to the NASA office. Moreover, there are several water tanks here. Besides, there are two electric supply houses here. Moreover, there are several large location towers here. A lot of lights are used here to look beautiful at night.

Minecraft NASA Solar System Map


There are three spacecraft. These spacecraft are just structures. Spacecraft don’t work. These spacecraft are made of blocks. There are many labs on this spacecraft. The interior of the spacecraft is very beautiful. Plates are used all around. The spacecraft is placed on top of this plate.

Minecraft NASA Solar System Map Minecraft NASA Solar System Map


Here is an aircraft. This aircraft is very big. This aircraft is just a structure. This aircraft is made of blocks. There is a beautiful view inside the aircraft.

Minecraft NASA Solar System Map

Solar Panel

There are many solar panels on this map. This solar panel looks very beautiful.

Minecraft NASA Solar System Map


This map contains laboratories. Various aspects of the solar system are examined here. Although this lab is very small. It is made of various blocks and glass.

Minecraft NASA Solar System Map Minecraft NASA Solar System Map

Versions: Minecraft [1.20]

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