Minecraft Best Survival World

Minecraft Survival World Map

It’s a survival world. This world is made by me. This is my personalized survival world. I invested years into creating this world. This survival world has it all. Basically my survival world I’ve been working on for years. Actually I’m really proud of it, so I’m uploading it here. So that I can download again if I get lost. The barn contains a cave house, some old relics, automated chicken farm, end portal, nether portal, automated (diamond, gold, iron) farm and more. I have already defeated the ender dragons in this world. That’s why the world of survival has all the things you want. The world of survival is so safe and bright that you don’t have to worry about it.


This house was built first when the survival world was built. It is made of wood and stone. The interior of the house is designed a lot. A small farm is built next to this house. There is a nice bunker under this house.

Minecraft Best Survival World

Village House

This house is built next to the village. It is made of stone and wood. This house keeps away the dreaded monsters of the night. Which plays an important role in survival mode.

Minecraft Best Survival World

Normal Houses

Here are some pictures of the houses I made in the world of survival. Usually these houses are made of wood and stone.

Minecraft Best Survival World Minecraft Best Survival World Minecraft Best Survival World

Unlimited Farms

There are also unlimited farms. Farms include Gold, Iron, Diamond farms. I have created these farms. Farms are created with the help of command blocks. Now the question may be how to create unlimited forms with command blocks in survival world. Actually the command block is created with the help of the app. Then it is beautifully designed. However, there will be no problem completing the achievement. You can use it if you want. Command blocks that are used-

  • /summon iron_golem 
  • setblock ~ ~5 ~ diamond_ore 0 destroy 
  • setblock ~ ~5 ~ gold_ore 0 destroy

Type /give @p command_block to get the command block. You can create unlimited farms using all these words. If you want, you can create unlimited gold farm through nether portal without command block. For this first you have to put water on one side of the leader and lava on the other side. Then the entire place should be closed with glass. If you don’t understand then you can watch many videos on YouTube.

Minecraft Best Survival World Minecraft Best Survival World

Full View

It looks very beautiful from above the earth. You can see what we have created in the world. Moreover, there is a big village here. Where you will spawn, you will see this room. These houses have many facilities. If you go to the village, you will see many blocks. You will see all the things you need.

Minecraft Best Survival World Minecraft Best Survival World

Best Houses

These are the most interesting houses I have ever built. Houses include Water House, Jungle House, Tree House. The first part of the water chamber is waterproof and the bottom part is water. There are many beautiful scenes underwater. There are many types of marine life under water. The Jungle House is made to look like a complete jungle. Everywhere you will see only leaves. A small sitting area has been created under the jungle house. Indoors you will feel like you are in the jungle. The tree house is built on a very large tree. The world looks beautiful from the top of the tree house. Through which you will see all my creations.

Minecraft Best Survival World Minecraft Best Survival World Minecraft Best Survival World

Best Scenery

In this survival map I have built some pyramids and made nether portal, which looks very nice. This was not the end city in the world. For this I made the end city myself. Although it is very small in size.

Minecraft Best Survival World Minecraft Best Survival World Minecraft Best Survival World

Versions: Minecraft [1.20]

Download Details:

You will see a button below to download, click on that button. The link will then take you to MediaFire.

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