Minecraft Mars Planet Map

Minecraft Mars Planet Map

This is the Mars map of Minecraft game. Here you will see the Mars planet. This map contains spacecraft and location towers. The water color of this planet is orange. You will see different types of planets in the night sky. There are several giant mountains on the Mars. Also, there is the Nether Biome. You’ll be able to install Mods on this map if you wish. Which can build this map additional lovely.

Mars Planet

On Mars you can see space suits and the color of water on this planet is orange. Biome color is red. The soil of Mars is red. Here is a flying rocket. You can go very high with this rocket.

Minecraft Mars Planet MapMinecraft Mars Planet Map

Rocket and Satellite

Here you will see three spacecraft. These spacecraft are very large. It has living space inside. Which looks like a beautiful modern room. You will see a satellite, which is located far above the ground.

Minecraft Mars Planet MapMinecraft Mars Planet Map Minecraft Mars Planet Map

Location Tower

This map has an antenna and location tower. The antenna is made of black blocks and is located on the side of the rocket. The location tower contains a rocket and several signal rooms.

Minecraft Mars Planet Map Minecraft Mars Planet Map

Mars House

There are two houses on this map. The first house has four rooms. The upper part of the house is made of glass. A Mars rover is located next to the second house. The second house has a few rooms and next to it is a glass farm. When you open the map you will see this house.

Minecraft Mars Planet MapMinecraft Mars Planet Map

Mars Rover

There are two Mars Rovers. It looks a lot like a truck. A Mars rover is a motor vehicle designed to travel on the surface of Mars. Rovers have several advantages: they can place themselves in sunny position s to weather winter months, and they can advance the knowledge of how to perform very remote robotic vehicle control.

Minecraft Mars Planet Map

Versions: Minecraft [1.20]

Download Details:

You will see a button below to download, click on that button. This will take you to MediaFire.

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Azka El

That’s amazing bro.
Bro i recommend you make maps about cyberpunk 2077 its very amazing bro, i sure👌👌👌