Minecraft Christmas One Block

Minecraft Christmas One Block Map

One block is very popular among all Minecraft maps. One Block is survival map in which you get a lonely block floating in the void. But this map will have an Ice Island with one block. This map is made for Christmas. You can mine the same block over and over, and it gives you basic materials that slowly become better and better.

Floating Island

You will see a floating ice island. There is a large tree and One Block on this island. Beneath it are lush biomes and ice. There are Christmas trees and Christmas gifts on this island. Next to it is a tree and there are some farms. There is a fountain on this island.

Minecraft Christmas One Block Minecraft Christmas One Block Minecraft Christmas One Block

One Block

This pink colored block is basically One Block. Every time you break this block, another block will spawn here. This is basically known as one block. Since it is on an ice island, it is named Christmas One Block.

Minecraft Christmas One Block

Versions: Minecraft [1.20]

Download Details:

You will see a button below to download, click on that button. This will take you to MediaFire.
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The resources are so black only the snowmen are the okay one